Story time! A 'microrrelato' based on a personal experience

I've decided to add a series of 'microrrelatos' to my YouTube channel, which are short, fictional stories written in prose (non-rhyming) which aim to leave the reader with an element of surprise and mystery. Part of their appeal is not just what is said, but what is left unsaid, and unwritten.

I actually wrote this 'microrrelato' years ago when I was studying Spanish at university. It is based on a real experience I had when I was living and studying in Granada in the South of Spain. You can hear my narration of the story and see the words on-screen in the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

Now that you have watched the video and listened to the 'microrrelato', can you notice any differences in my accent when I speak as narrator and as El Pirata? Other than the tone of my voice, what differences do you notice in my pronunciation?

#spanish #alevel #microrrelato

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